Our Mission

The mission of the Cosanti Foundation is to explore the experiential and educational benefits of integrating Architecture and Ecology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to seek equitable and sustainable relationships between human activities and the Earth’s ecology.


  • Further demonstrate the Arcosanti urban laboratory as a prototype Arcology
  • Assume a significant role in the conversation surrounding environmental stewardship
  • Inspire research and foster educational and cultural transformation

Core Values

Frugality & Resourcefulness:
a careful, thoughtful approach to planning, building and daily life that is experientially rich and materially frugal

Ecological Accountability:
to develop human habitat that protects its surroundings and is within Earth’s carrying capacity

Experiential Learning:
the power of demonstration as a dynamic, grounded educational experience

A Limited

urban density as opposed to unbounded dispersion allows more activities in less space and better use of limited resources providing access for all to the economic and social essentials of “city” life