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A 24/7 Immersive Urban Laboratory

Arcosanti, an architectural site and Urban Laboratory, is located in Mayer, Arizona, just about an hour north of Phoenix. Beginning in 1970, Arcosanti continues to be developed as an experiential learning center, walk-through demonstration of how to pursue efficient “lean” alternatives to urban sprawl.

The architecture of Arcosanti physically expresses the principle of Arcology (architecture + ecology). As a prototype, Arcosanti seeks to demonstrate and refine an innovative urban form, compact, pedestrian, car-less.

It’s striking architecture provides you with opportunities to think critically about how over 9 billion of us will live on this planet.

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Residents are part of a 24/7 living experiment! The best way to understand is to see it for yourself. During a tour, you will explore the grounds, get a detailed history of the project, and begin to understand the Ethos of our work here. Visiting Arcosanti is an easy day-trip from the valley, getting out of the city and into the beautiful landscape that Arizona has to offer.

Living in Arcology

With exponential population growth, the work ahead is to learn how we can change our behavior in a meaningful and accessible way.

Arcology suggests a complete reformulation of how we exist within our environments – a new urban paradigm geared towards cultural evolution, frugal resiliency, and balance with nature.

Arcosanti attempts to test and demonstrate an alternative human habitat which is greatly needed in this increasingly perplexing world. This project also exemplifies steadfast devotion to creating an experiential space to “prototype” an environment in harmony with human life.

Arcosanti’s Wind Bells

Soleri, the founder of Arcosanti, started making bells long before building his most famous architectural work, Arcosanti. Inspired by a bell maker in Santa Fe, Soleri started working with the supplies he had. With dirt and water, he simply dug a hole, poured in clay, and made a bell.

His bellmaking also demonstrated another important aspect of his process: teaching and including others in his projects. Soleri trained other bellmakers and eventually made a bell-making business that he used to fund his architectural experiments.

Explore Our Wind Bells

Come in any day of the week for an Arcosanti Site Tour or call ahead to schedule an architecture tour. We are always pleased to help plan a visit for your group. Please note that the tour will require climbing stairs and walking for nearly an hour.


See Arcosanti for yourself on one of our daily 1-hour guided tours. Walk the grounds and learn about the intent and history of the Project from a current resident.
Duration: 1 hour
Start times: 10 am · 11 am · 1 pm · 2 pm· 3 pm · 4 pm


Conducted by a member of our Planning Department and consists of the general tour plus a tour of the planning office, current construction, and a special session on design development with models and drawings.
Duration: 2 hours
Start times: Contact our Outreach Department to schedule




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