If you would like to inquire or screen any of these films for your planned event, please contact the producer of the film listed below directly. These films are all currently in the international film festival circuit, not available on DVD yet. The screening dates and DVD release dates will be posted here as the information becomes available.

“Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form” by Aimee Madsen
“Paolo Soleri: Citizen of the Planet” by Geoffrey Madeja

Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form

by Aimee Madsen

Beyond Form is a cinéma vérité style documentary,  that presents a fresh and intimate look at the legendary and multi talented artist, philosopher, urban theorist and architect Paolo Soleri. A man who had a dream to create an environment in harmony with man.  This film focuses on how his body of work has inspired thousands of people over the years and why his technique and concepts have staying power.  You’ll see why Soleri was green before “green” and “sustainable” ever entered the world lexicon.  The lean approach has been a theme that was present through out Soleri’s life.  Filmmaker Aimee Madsen created this documentary much in the spirit of Soleri’s style of frugality, doing more with less.


Paolo Soleri: Citizen of the Planet

by Geoffrey Madeja

Paolo Soleri is an architect, philosopher and a citizen of the planet. Fans have gone as far as to compare him to DaVinci and Gandhi, but critics believed him to be an ego driven eccentric with a failed experiment out in the desert. A student of Frank Lloyd Wright, Paolo’s vision has been steadfast, urban sprawl is destroying the planet and the answer is to build mega-structure cities a hundred times the size of the Empire State Building in volume. Explore the artist, the dreamer, the philosopher, the architect Paolo Soleri as he tries to build his new world filled with futuristic ideas and controversy.


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