The Story of Arcosanti

In 1965 Paolo Soleri and his late wife established Cosanti, a not-for-profit educational foundation in Paradise City, AZ.  A few years later Soleri decided to build his own arcology prototype, named Arcosanti, for testing his urban planning concepts in actuality. This is the major project of the Cosanti Foundation.


 In 1970, when Soleri was 50 years of age, the foundation acquired 860 acres in central Arizona. Up until this time, none of Soleri’s arcology designs have been built.


Building Arcosanti

During the last 40+ years, over 7,000 people have put time and effort into the process of building Arcosanti. During the next decade, we plan to involve a large number of people and resources to implement a tenfold increase in the activities of the project.

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The Arcology

“The problem I am confronting is the present design of cities only a few stories high, stretching outward in unwieldy sprawl for miles. As a result, they literally transform the earth, turn farms into parking lots, wasting enormous amounts of time and energy transporting people, goods, & services over their expanses. My solution is urban implosion rather than explosion.”

–Paolo Soleri, 1977

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