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October 21, 2019Like

Arcosanti Needs Allies

Arcosanti Needs Allies By Timothy Bell Over this past weekend, Arcosanti hosted the annual Convergence Conference and Festival. During these three days, experts working in the fields of social justice, science, agroecology, permaculture, and beyond, all gathered to exchange ideas and celebrate at the Urban Laboratory. Our challenge
October 7, 2019Like

Allison Arieff Calls Out the Car

Allison Arieff Calls Out the Car By Jeff Stein Allison Arieff: you know, founder and past editor of DWELL magazine; currently editorial director for the urban planning and policy think tank, SPUR / San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association. She writes about architecture, design, cities
September 25, 2019Like


READ ANY BOOKS? (Here’s one…GODS OF THE UPPER AIR) By Jeff Stein Now look here, and as you do, please find a couple paragraphs that describe Charles King’s new book about cultural anthropology and the small group of people who, nearly 100 years ago, made it both a
September 11, 2019Like


DECONSTRUCTING ARCOSANTI By Johann Haslauer, Landshut, Germany Arcosanti Alum What is Paolo Soleri’s philosophy? What is the philosophy of Arcosanti? For his investigation Johann Haslauer from Landshut, Germany, tries a kind of “deconstructive” approach: Not through academic analysis of Paolo’s writing but through his very personal encounters with
August 22, 20191


THE TREACHERY OF IMAGERY by Jeff Stein     “This is not a pipe” Rene Magritte       The artist Rene Magritte (1898-1967) worried about his fellow humans misunderstanding the world by experiencing it only through images. “The treachery of imagery” he called it, and made this
August 5, 2019Like

New Horizon

NEW HORIZON By Jeff Stein Doug Aitken and Zach Tetrault; these two are old hands at Arcosanti. Over the years, both at Arcosanti and beyond, they have proclaimed in print and through their work how the power of Paolo Soleri’s ideas has made a big impression on them.
July 22, 2019Like

COSANTI PERSISTS! Remembering the Early Days

COSANTI PERSISTS! Remembering the Early Days By California architect Lamont Langworthy with Jeff Stein Not everyone reading this is young enough to have worked on Arcosanti. Some folks sought-out Paolo Soleri’s ideas long before there even WAS an Arcosanti. They came, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, to Cosanti,
July 8, 2019Like

Peri-Urban Agriculture at Arcosanti and Beyond

Hello Arconauts and others involved in the Arcosanti project! I am excited and honored to “be” here. Thanks for sharing your time. My name is Julian Lauzzana. I lived and worked at Arcosanti during 2005-2006 and return whenever I can. I consider Arcosanti one of my favorite places
June 19, 2019Like

ARCOSANTI AND THE WORLD: Housing Policy and Us

ARCOSANTI AND THE WORLD Housing Policy and Us By Jeff Stein News this week from the NEW YORK TIMES. Their Sunday editorial, “Americans need More Neighbors” is a clear way of restating Arcosanti’s central theme, something we’ve been trying to describe by example in the Arizona desert for
June 19, 2019Like

Welcome Neighbor! To the ARCOSANTI ALUMNI BLOG

Welcome Neighbor!  To the ARCOSANTI ALUMNI BLOG In Which We will be publishing , we hope, what’s on your mind. We have heard from a couple of you already, and we look forward to a broad participation of opinion. Please understand that because you are reading this we
September 5, 2017Like


“The word itself, automobile… it is a total misnomer, you know, “ said Paolo Soleri. Humans are truly auto-mobile, we can go anywhere, and we can pretty much go there under our own power. But cars can only move around on expensive, specially prepared surfaces – roads – and
May 24, 20171

Arcosanti and Performance

In a recent ARCHITECTURE magazine, Aaron Betsky described a series of magnificent new performing arts centers in Europe and in the US, each one built out on the edge of a metropolis. Their location means, of course, that these things pull civic life right out of the city,
October 1, 2015Like

Lauridsen, Copley, Arcosanti: The Colly Concert

To honor the legacy of Corolyn Woods Soleri, Paolo Soleri’s late wife, the 34th annual Colly Concert at Arcosanti this year provided an extraordinary evening of choral music by the composer Morten Lauridsen. An audience of 250 filled the East Crescent Amphitheatre to hear combined choirs of 240
July 6, 2015Like

Desert / Water

This week, Jason Edelstein, a student at Florida International University, sent an inquiry via the web. “Hello Arcosanti,” he starts. “I am curious as to what measures you all are taking to ensure water security for the people who live there. I will be giving a presentation and
January 13, 20151


Our time. Now. Early in the 21st Century. Nearly 100 years since the heroic age of powered flight, beyond the Wright brothers, way past Glenn Curtiss, over the mystique of Top Gun jet fighter pilots, to be “grounded” no longer means unable to fly. Instead, in an age
December 3, 2013Like

Myth and Invention

“To get the most out of life as Our Creator intended it to be, A HOME OF YOUR OWN IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.” This bit of advice comes to us from a 1910 Sears catalogue for mail-order houses. Sears didn’t invent the idea of single-family houses of course;
December 4, 2012Like

Arcosanti, Arizona: Out Here on the Edge

Barry Vacker is associate professor of media and cultural theory at Temple University’s School of Communication and Theatre in Philadelphia. He has also founded the Center for Media and Destiny a think-tank dedicated to mapping those two concerns on Spaceship Earth. Best of all, he is a man who has