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Participation at Arcosanti

There are many ways in which people may participate in the Arcosanti experience, including tours, meals, events, overnight visits,  workshops, and long term residency.

People of many varied interest and backgrounds are all contributing their valuable time and skills to the project. At the present stage of construction, Arcosanti consists of various mixed-use buildings and public spaces constructed by past workshop participants.



Living at Arcosanti

Arcosanti is a lively community made up of employees, interns, volunteers, students and visitors. There are about 70 adults and children who call Arcosanti home year round. This population greatly increases during our workshop season. The community has a wide range of interests, ages and backgrounds and each chooses to contribute to the project in unique ways. As an educational organization dedicated to learning-by-doing, developing the community is an important component of creating this urban prototype. We live, work and play in this integrated setting and culture.

The residents of Arcosanti are all workshop alumni. They participate in various departments, including planning, design, construction, agriculture, landscaping, carpentry, metal work, maintenance, foundry, ceramics, archives, teaching, hospitality, technology and communications.

Craftsmanship at Arcosanti

The Bronze Foundry is in a beautiful open air studio overlooking the Agua Fria River valley, shaded by a Siltcast Apse. It is a stop on the Arcosanti Site Tour and if you visit mid-morning, you just might have the opportunity to see a bronze pour. The Arcosanti Bronze Foundry typically pours two to three heats (a hundred pounds of bronze) a day with an average of 50 bells a heat. Then the bells go through a finishing process and are assembled on site.

The Ceramics Studio is in a beautiful open, south-facing apse. This passive solar environment enables the artists to work in the sunshine during winter and be shaded during summer. The Ceramics Studio is a stop on the Arcosanti Site Tour and you are likely to see a clay pour happening or crafts people carving one of a kind designs into each bell. Our Ceramic Studio produces about 5,000 tile pieces a year and about 10,000 Windbells and pots.



Education at Arcosanti

At Arcosanti, time and space are given to research and development in pursuit of ‘leanness.’ We partner with universities and regularly provide information from our Archives Department to various projects, businesses, scholars, and students.

We teach Arcology theory through participation in the project. The entire Arcosanti site is your classroom and all of the residents are your educators. The more you seek, the more you will find! Arcosanti offers 1, 2 and 5 week workshops, with the 5 week workshop  as a requirement for residency.

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