The Construction Team at Arcosanti is the core of Arcosanti’s commitment to creating a workshop experience dedicated to learning by doing. Arcosanti has been built one nail at a time with the help and hands of 7,000 workshopers since 1970.  Much of the work done is building forms and pouring concrete, but crew members must also be prepared to be a part of any step in the construction process (ie. fixing tools, cleaning forms, assisting the facilities-maintenance department on site repairs).

Working in construction starts early and is mostly outdoors- rain or shine, hot and cold.  Be prepared for hard work, hot days, pride in your achievements and fun with your crew members. Learn about the workshop program here. Arcosanti has the unique opportunity of living and working in the space that we are building.  As we work on development of Arcosanti, we incorporate our design principles such as mixed use space allocation, households with shared facilities, frugality of space, and passive solar designs.