The Arcology concept can be applied to a variety of biomes, social circumstances, and specific locations. Each Arcology needs to be specifically tailored to the ecosystem that it exists within. Imagine a city thoroughly integrated into nature with minimal disruption to ecosystem itself. An arcology’s direct proximity to surrounding nature provides its citizen with the benefit of immediate and low-impact access to natural landscapes. With agriculture situated within the city’s envelope, the efficiency of a localized food system is maximized. Arcologies could employ passive solar architectural techniques such as the apse effect, greenhouse architecture and garment architecture in order to propagate reduced energy use within the city, drastically reducing costs of heating, lighting and cooling. The architecture of an Arcology is leveraged to work harder delivering comforts with less consumption.



Pollution is a direct function of wastefulness–inefficiency. In a three dimensional city, energy and resources are used more economically than in a conventional modern city. Suburban sprawl mandates a hyper-production-consumption cycle and creates mountains of waste and pollutants.  Today, in a typical city, more than fifty percent of land is relegated to roads and automobile services. The mixed-use nature of space within an Arcology condenses residential, commercial, public, and industrial functions in such a way that they are within easy reach of each other.  In this future urban form, walking is the primary method of transportation, complimented with conveyors and elevators; and supplemented with public transport that replaces the car for greater distances. Over the past 50 years, the Cosanti Foundation has developed several potential models for how these frugal urban landscapes might function, below are several salient examples.

“A culture based on the car leads to the diaspora of habitat, inevitably segregating people and stifling true novelty, the synergy of culture & civilization.”
—Paolo Soleri

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