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As the Cosanti Foundation marks its 50th anniversary this year, work proceeds apace at both Cosanti and Arcosanti, the sites first developed by their founder, the late Paolo Soleri. Education, design, construction, crafts, exhibitions, publishing, tourism, media, preservation…all this work continues to grow under the Foundation’s direction.

Now in the post-Soleri era of the life of our institution, the Foundation’s Board of Directors has established a Strategic Plan Steering Committee, comprised of 22 current residents and alumni participants. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee will assist the Board in the development of a strategic plan for the Foundation’s future and will create a funding and resource plan to support it.

This year marks our first full year of working on the Cosanti Foundation Strategic Plan, laying the foundation necessary for the planning effort. We are looking forward to a comprehensive and inclusive planning process that is worthy of the goals that so many of us have had for the development required to help Cosanti and Arcosanti succeed in promoting arcology as a highly viable, relevant and positive model for humanity going forward.

During this past year, Steering Committee members have put in hundreds of hours of preparation work to assure that we have the necessary professional foundation for a world class planning effort which is worthy of the promise of arcology.

The members of the steering committee, along with a number of Cosanti Foundation staff and volunteers, continue to lay the groundwork for the strategic plan process.  An initial assessment of the foundation, its sites, and its business operations is being completed. The search for creative consultants is in full swing.  Perhaps most importantly, we’re working on ways to actively involve our worldwide network of alumni and friends—including, of course, you!—in the visioning process itself.

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