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Looking for cool places in Arizona to visit? Ready to explore Arizona attractions like you haven’t before? See for yourself why Arcosanti is one of the top tourist attractions.

Arcosanti, an architectural site and Urban Laboratory, is located in Mayer, Arizona, just about an hour north of Phoenix. Beginning in 1970, Arcosanti continues to develop as an experiential learning center and walk-through demonstration of how to pursue efficient alternatives to urban sprawl.

Physically expressing the principle of Arcology (architecture + ecology), Arcosanti takes Arizona tourism to a higher level and is considered to be one of the best things to do in Arizona.

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Discover design, architecture, sustainability, and more during your visit.

Residents are part of a 24/7 living experiment! The best way to understand is to see it for yourself and tour Arcosanti. During a tour, you will explore the grounds, grab some food in the cafe, get a detailed history of the project, and begin to understand the Ethos of our work here.

Living in Arcology

Arcology suggests a complete reformulation of how we exist within our environments – a new urban paradigm geared towards cultural evolution, frugal resiliency, and balance with nature.

Blending community, learning, workshops, craftsmanship, and more, Arcosanti boasts being one of the top places to visit in Arizona.

Arcosanti’s Wind Bells

Soleri, the founder of Arcosanti, started making bells long before building his most famous architectural work, Arcosanti, teaching and including others in his projects. Soleri trained other bellmakers and eventually made a bell-making business that he used to fund his architectural experiments.

During your tour, you can see first-hand how the bells are still made today by Arcosanti artisans and craftsmen. Want to take one home? Bells are available for purchase during your visit as well.

Explore Our Wind Bells

Arizona Travel Guide

For some delightful Arizona sightseeing, Arcosanti is the most beautiful attraction to see. Visiting Arcosanti is an easy day-trip from the valley, getting out of the city and into the beautiful landscape.

A simple trip up I-17N will bring you to a top draw for tourism places. Looking for a stunning view? Take in other Arizona landmarks along the way. There are plenty of vacation spots to visit.

Arcosanti is approximately an hour south from Sedona, Arizona, which is populated with some of the top tourism places. Enjoy significant tourist attractions such as the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, the scenic hiking trail Airport Mesa, Red Rock County, and more.

Located forty minutes south from Arcosanti — just fifteen minutes shy of Flagstaff — is the magnificent Coconino National Forest

Other fun things to do in Arizona include The Grand Canyon — an estimated two hours and thirty minutes from Arcosanti — or the vibrant city of Phoenix. Famous Phoenix attractions consist of the Desert Botanical Garden, Camelback Mountain, and Phoenix Zoo, along with plenty of fine dining, shops, and resorts.

Come in any day of the week for an Arcosanti Site Tour or call ahead to schedule an architecture tour. We are always pleased to help plan a visit for your group. Please note that the tour will require climbing stairs and walking for nearly an hour.


See Arcosanti for yourself on one of our daily 1-hour guided tours. Walk the grounds and learn about the intent and history of the Project from a current resident.
Duration: 1 hour
Start times: 10 am · 11 am · 1 pm · 2 pm· 3 pm · 4 pm


Conducted by a member of our Planning Department and consists of the general tour plus a tour of the planning office, current construction, and a special session on design development with models and drawings.
Duration: 2 hours
Start times: Contact our Outreach Department to schedule