Internships at Arcosanti are for those who are able to commit to a 13-week extended learning and volunteer engagement. Similar to our Workshop Program, interns stay in dorms and volunteer in a specific department. Candidates are considered on a case-by-case basis, and internships are generally open to people of all ages and professional/academic backgrounds. Each department has specific requirements for internship candidates, as stated below.

If accepted, an intern will take part in the first 2 weeks of the Arcosanti 6-Week Workshop, and then spend the following 11 weeks in a chosen department.

The currently available areas for internships are: Archives, Planning-Drafting, Construction, Landscaping, Outreach, Education, Site Utilities, Graphics, Website, and IT Network.

We’ve raised scholarship funds for the internship program with the intention of granting opportunities to people who have the time for a longer stay and ability to make an impact at Arcosanti.

Cost to you: $1,300
This fee covers a part of the 13-week Internship expenses including housing, meals and an administrative fee. The rest will be covered by scholarship valued at $2,250.


  1. Applicant must pay $1,300, that includes, tuition, dorm, board and administrative fees.
  2. Applicant must complete the workshop application, as well as submit a letter of interest, resume, and 3 professional or academic letters of recommendations.
  3. Applicants must complete a phone interview as part of the screening process.
  4. Upon completion of the internship, scholarship recipients must write a letter about their experience and what they got out of the program.

Current Opportunities:

Internships are available in the following departments:

Archives – The functions of the Soleri Archives include:
Documentation of Soleri’s works and the activities of the Cosanti Foundation; Conservation and cataloging of Soleri’s works and the related activities; Production of supporting materials for print and electronic media and publication, websites, events, exhibitions and special programs; Collaboration with educational and research institutions, and individual scholars

IT Network – The IT Office is looking for individuals with demonstrated skills to work with a team’s guidance and execute projects. The qualifications include IT experience in networking within a LAN/WAN environment; administering Mac OSX/Unix/Linux servers; supporting Macintosh and PC Desktops in a network environment; Client/server technologies; including AppleTalk, NetBios, apple remote.

Website– The Arcosanti website is in continuous development as it offers current information on the progress on Arcosanti and its background. Applicants must have working knowledge in HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress CMS, etc.

Graphics – The department is responsible for the design, development and execution of promotional and presentation materials to support effective communications with public. It produces collateral materials in print and electronic media for our programs and projects. The qualifications include design experience in visual communications, graphic software/hardware and photography skills.

Outreach – The outreach department is the Cosanti Foundation’s primary point of contact with the world at large. Through our efforts tens of thousands of people are invited into Arcosanti each year for guided daily tours, architectural and planning tours, school visits, performances, and site rentals for special events. We also oversee the majority of the content that goes out to the public through emails and newsletters, and spearhead fundraising efforts. Candidates looking to join our team should have great communication skills, an interest in working collaboratively, relative comfort being in the public eye, and a minimum proficiency in Goole Docs and MS Office. Those with strong writing skills and/or experience in social media and marketing are also encouraged to apply.




Planning/Drafting – The Arcosanti Planning Department via Cosanti Foundation is now registered as a Community Based Design Center / Collaborative through NCARB’s Architecture Experience Program.  Interns can earn up to 320 hours in ‘Setting O’ for their work during their internship.  This experience report may be applied towards any of the total 3,740 hours required by NCARB to become licensed as an architect (providing other prerequisites are met). Only qualified individuals need apply. On going tasks include; preparation of construction documents, field inspection and survey, and drawings for future projects. We also plan and design restoration projects on site and research alternative materials and construction systems..  Requirements include; architectural drafting and design experience and proficiency with AutoCAD, 3dsMAX, REVIT (or similar).

Site Utilities – The internship consists of a mix of hands-on work and design studies, and will be focused on one or more of Arcosanti’s site utilities systems (water, wastewater, greywater, electric, or solar pv). Analytic and mechanical skills are useful!

Construction – If you have construction skills and a serious interest in the building trades, a construction internship may be for you.

Landscaping – Work in the Landscaping Department varies seasonally and we work outside most of the time. In the summer when the temperatures are extreme (100+), we start very early to beat the heat. Some days you may be weeding, composting, planting, watering or harvesting. Other days you can expect shoveling and heavy lifting as we repair rock walls or build new planters.

Education – Our educational programming is central to the mission of the Cosanti Foundation. As we expand our program options in 2019, we are looking for help from thoughtful people with an interest in educational programs and a willingness to take on a variety of tasks, some dynamic and some mundane. Candidates should have great communication, upbeat attitude, thrive in collaborative work environments, and have a minimum proficiency in Google Docs and MS Office.

For further information, please contact the Workshop Coordinator at workshop@arcosanti.org.