Workshop Overview

Participants will learn the proper safety and basics of metalworking. During the class you will learn metalworking skills that can have many applications, both artistic and structural, taught through hands-on use of metalworking tools.

Dates: March 27 – 29  |  April 24 – 26  |  May 29 – May 31     Cost: $450

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Workshop Details

This class starts with an introduction to Arcosanti and Site Tour and will then transition to key safety practices and techniques for cutting/shaping/welding metal. You will then learn how to use: a hot cutoff saw, bench grinder, angle grinder, and drill press, and learn how to weld and shape metal art using a MIG welder and Acetylene torch. Projects include creating your own custom metal bottle opener and a metal flower with vase. Lodging is available in a shared dorm for $25 per night, or private guestroom for $50 per night. For further information, contact

About Arcosanti

Your class will be held at Arcosanti, the world’s first prototype Arcology and Urban Laboratory. Arcology is the integration of Architecture and Ecology and you will be taught how these concepts relate to the content of your class. You will experience being at Arcosanti for the duration of your class and have the opportunity to meet residents and learn about the project.

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