Workshop Overview

The architecture of Arcosanti is the backdrop for a 2 day photographic experience. Participants will be guided in capturing the architecture and landscape around Arcosanti. Techniques such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, will be taught alongside artistic approaches to composition.

Dates: Nov 16 – 17, Dec 7 – 8     Cost: $400

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Workshop Details

This class will teach you how to “see” light to make great compositions, how to experimenting with depth of field, and control the interplay of light and shadows. You will take creative pictures of landscapes and people, and learn how to stop – or blur – action and movement. You will learn how, and when, to control ISO or exposure compensation, and learn photo editing basics, tips, and tricks for architecture and lighting. Also includes contextual lectures on Arcology and Architecture to help frame your photographic story.Lodging is available in a shared dorm for $25 per night, or private guestroom for $50 per night. For further information, contact

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About Arcosanti

Your class will be held at Arcosanti, the world’s first prototype Arcology and Urban Laboratory. Arcology is the integration of Architecture and Ecology and you will be taught how these concepts relate to the content of your class. You will experience being at Arcosanti for the duration of your class and have the opportunity to meet residents and learn about the project.

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